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I've been a big fan of Saw since I saw the first movie as a kid. I watched it in secret with my best friend under the covers at a sleepover- it was one of the first horror movies I saw where I really cared about the characters. Soon after, my sister found that she really wanted to see it (she was 7! lol), and my Mom figured we were mature enough to watch it together. My sister, my Mom, and me ended up bonding over renting all of the Saw movies. For my sister's 10th birthday, we all went to see Saw 3D in theatres. My Mom, my sister, and I continue to bond over horror films today.

I have many fond memories associated with watching Saw movies with them, seeing them all with my partner, and rewatching them with my friends. I adore the sincerity, twisted plots, and ham-fisted writing across all the films. They're all strange, delightful, and a lot of fun. Part of what keeps me coming back is how earnest the Saw films are. That can feel difficult to find nowadays.

Below, I've included some links to extra content, fan artists I enjoy, and other fun goodies. I'll probably update this page with extra content and analysis blog posts as I create them. <3

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Jadenvargen    Tapeworrrm    Audra/Quinn

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Making of Saw (2004)    Making of Saw II (2005)    Making of Saw III (2006)    Video Diary on Saw IV (2007)   
Making of the Needle Pit    All Jigsaw DVD Bonus Features    Miscellaneous Behind the Scenes Content Playlist

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